We are very proud to have a number of great quartets in Motor City Blend Chorus.  They compete at our regional competition and are also available for performances.  If your next event would be enhanced by some intimate four-part harmonies, have a look our quartets.             

* indicates a member of Motor City Blend


Dream On

Tenor: Kim Bachand*         Bass: Alice Peltier*

Lead: Kris Mueller*             Baritone: Sylvia Karpinsky*




Tenor: Joyce Vaclav*           Bass: Beth Miller
Lead: Becky Cherry             Baritone: Jill Spriestersbach




Tenor - Peggi Starkey*          Bass - Lou Ann Bobrovetski*

Lead - Mindy Krueger*          Baritone - Kelsey Braiden*


The Vibe


Tenor:  Abby Sella                Bass:  Traci Martin* 

Lead:  Sarah Eggerstedt      Baritone:  Heather Kingham 




UpTo Note Good



Tenor: Andrea Kal*            Bass: Pam Glass*

Lead: Kris Mueller*            Baritone: Rachel Lunning*


Spotlight- 2006 International Champions (retired)


Tenor: Kendra LaPointe            Baritone: Kerry Denino 

Lead: LeAnn Hazlett*                Bass: Patti Britz-Stensaker          


Swing Street- 1991 International Champions (retired)


Tenor: Sylvia Karpinsky*            Baritone: Sue Snow             
Lead: LeAnn Hazlett*                 Bass: Sharon Cassell          

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