Scrip Program


Scrip Program

Motor City Blend uses the Great Lakes Scrip gift card program to obtain funds to help offset chorus expenses. The name of the program was recently changed to RAISERIGHT.

This is an ongoing fundraiser to let you earn money while you shop.   


Basic  Info

Main page is    This site provides detailed information regarding the program

MCB Enrollment code 43F2CF9C17418

Chorus Administrators are Amy Kreger and Sarah Burg.


How It Works

You purchase gift cards from RAISERIGHT at face value, they are put in your online wallet for you to use. Spend these as you would normally use gift cards.   If you need a physical gift card, it will either be mailed to you or to Amy Kreger for you to pick up at chorus.  If you choose to not purchase the gift cards electronically, you place your order and remit your payment directly to Amy Kreger.

You earn a percentage of the value of the card and that is put in your personal chorus account. Different brands offer different percentage rates.  There are over 750 brands from which to choose.  


How Can I Use My Scrip Account?

Scrip money can be used for almost all your MCB expenses. Examples: dues, AEB’s, Christmas party and installation dinner, etc. It can’t be used for another fundraiser like show tickets or purchasing flowers, etc. Scrip money can be transferred to another chorus member, donated to the chorus general fund or Angel fund, but can’t be taken out in cash.  This is a very successful fundraiser with some chorus members able to cover all of their annual chapter dues.


How Do I Redeem My Scrip Money?

On an index card list your name, date, amount and what the money is going to be applied to.

Example:  Brook Tucker 11/10/2022 $25.00 Christmas party. Give that card to whomever is collecting for that expense. An emailed request provided to the chairperson may be substituted for the index card.  The chairperson will turn the card/email over to the chorus treasurer.  The treasurer will share the information with the chorus Scrip administrators  who will deduct it from your scrip account.


How Do I Find Out How Much Money is In My Account?

Contact Sarah Burg who maintains the individual account information.


How Can I Find Out More About the Scrip Program?

Contact Amy Kreger or Sarah Burg.  They may answer your questions and/or direct you to a participating member who could help you.

Log on to  for detailed information.